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Nick Saban Gives Golf Lessons to Alabama Football Players, is Just as Entertaining as It Sounds

Legendary Alabama Crimson Tide head coach Nick Saban recently tried to use his coaching talents to teach an entirely different sport.

Saban had several Alabama players at his charity golf tournament in Birmingham, and took the opportunity to try and improve their golf game.

Malachi Moore and Kool-Aid McKinstry were the lucky beneficiaries of his coaching technique. And of course, photos and videos quickly made the internet.

McKinstry was up first, with Saban showing him how to correctly grip a club.

Saban, in an Alabama branded straw hat, then tried to help Malachi Moore. Without a ton of success.

Moore completely missed his first attempt, with the 71-year-old coach giving some helpful tips afterwards.

The second try at least made contact, with Saban noting he “foul-tipped it.”

After some more instruction, Moore made substantial improvement.

He posted to his own twitter that he finally “got the hang of it,” making significantly better looking swings.

One video even showed what appeared to be a pretty solid iron shot.

Although Moore really needs to engage his lower half to get more power behind that swing. But that level of improvement is a testament to Saban’s coaching ability, even outside of football.

Saban Enjoying Spring Break

Given the college football season is rapidly approaching, you can’t blame Nick from wanting to take advantage of the time off.

He was recently spotted on vacation in Italy, where some SEC fans did some unsurprising trash talking.

Hosting a charity golf tournament is another classic off-season move. And based on the video, it seems like Saban had himself as good a time as he allows himself to have.

Somehow, the first week of Crimson Tide football practice is just two months away, with the season opener not long afterwards.

Fun and relaxed, golf course Saban will be back to the football field game face sooner rather than later.

Source : Out Kick