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Lawyer claims Tiger Woods avoided service of subpoena

A lawyer who sought to serve Tiger Woods with a subpoena claims the famous golfer evaded service.

This week, Rory McIlroy disclosed that he had been served a subpoena by Patrick Reed’s lawyer on Christmas Eve. The service of the subpoena annoyed McIlroy, who has no interest in being cordial with Reed.

The attorney in question is Larry Klayman, who represents Reed and has been filing lawsuits against various media companies and personalities on Reed’s behalf. Klayman also represents LIV Golf in their lawsuit with the PGA Tour. It was in relation to that suit that Klayman sought to have McIlroy and Woods served subpoeanas.

Klayman apparently contracted a third party company called “Shark Process LLC” to serve the subpoenas. In a court filing, a representative from the service company claimed she made four attempts between December 27, 2022 and January 2, 2023 to serve Woods. She didn’t have any luck. On January 5, the woman said she felt Woods was “intentionall evading service.”

McIlroy was frustrated about being served on Christmas Eve. But if you’re a server, the best time to find a high-profile athlete who travels frequently at their home is probably around the holidays, so the timing made sense.

As for serving Tiger, apparently he’s not so easy to serve.

Source: Larry Brown Sports