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‘Was the Ball Glued on the Tee?’: Golf Fans Left in Utter Disbelief After Enthusiast Pulls Off a Stunner in Tough Conditions

To many, golf may appear to be a simple sport to play. That all you have to do is hit the ball and put it in the hole. But true golf experts will attest that the sport is considerably much more complex than that.

Golf is one of those games where a player’s success is influenced by both their abilities and the playing surface. Players can have difficulties due to complicated courses. Even Marvel star Kathryn Newton said that acting is easier than golf.

Some golfers often express their dislike of golf courses and conditions. While others don’t complain much and stand tall in the face of adversity. Like this one!

Golf is not for the faint-hearted

Recently, Golf Digest shared a video. A golfer is shown making a shot in a strong wind as well as rain, and it is evident that he is having difficulty.

“This video of a golfer playing cypress point in 70 MPH winds is not for the faints of hearts,” was written in the post. 

Well, this is not the first time golfers have gone to extremes to make their shots. Jordan Spieth is not only known for his golfing prowess but also for his riskiest shot at the AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am in 2022. 

At extreme personal risk, Spieth attempted to play the hole that is located on the cliff’s edge. The famous ‘The Smylie Show’ podcast featured a discussion with the 13-time PGA Tour champion on his contentious stroke

Well, the most recent one really demonstrated that golf is not a game for kids and that it needs extraordinary skills to succeed. 

Fans’ reactions to the shot in the wind

Many fans couldn’t help but wonder how the ball stayed on the tee even in such conditions. They posted the following comments:

“How does that ball stay on the tee in that wind?!?”

“Was that ball glued to the tee? 😲”

“Ok but how the ball do not move.”

“The fact that the ball stays on the tee is wild.”

Many lauded the golfer’s spirit.

“Dedicated at its best! 💪”

“That’s dedication.”

“When you get the chance you gooooo.”

“Well this is good.”

While others even compared his shots to the famous golf movie Caddyshack.

“Real life caddyshack.”

“Some caddyshack things.”

What do you think about the golfer and his bravery in the wind and rain? Let us know in the comments.

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