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The World’s Most Exclusive Golf Club Finally Opens Its Doors

The first rule of the Los Angeles Country Club is that you don’t talk about the Los Angeles Country Club: such is the secrecy that surrounds this legendary golf club that it’s begun to hold near-mythical status within the golf community. But now for the first time in its fabled history, the LACC hosted the 123rd US Open and fans were finally able to take a peak behind the curtain…

Located in the heart of Beverly Hills sits one of the most exclusive golf clubs in the world, where stray balls are more likely to go through the windows of the Playboy Mansion or Lionel Richie’s house than a nearby ravine. But just don’t expect to see any celebrities there rolling up with their caddies anytime soon… 

Originally built in 1897, the LACC has historically denied membership to any of its A-list neighbours; it’s rumoured that Hugh Hefner even built his legendary mansion and zoo behind the 13th Green in retaliation after being denied entry to this exclusive course.

“Early tee times Sunday morning were quite popular, because you could look in on all of Saturday night’s partiers passed out by the pool. And occasionally there was even a scantily clad lady to be seen.”

Biff Naylor, an LACC member recalling the Playboy Mansion

Of course, the Playboy Mansion is no longer the go-to destination to party under the Hollywood Hills, but were there to be stories of revellers spilling onto the green throughout the Club’s 125-year history, it’s doubtful we would hear about it…

Hugh Hefner reportedly built the Playboy Mansion after being denied entry to the LAGC. Image: Getty

The Club maintains a strict degree of secrecy: the use of phones is prohibited inside the clubhouse, along with taking any photos or posting anything related to the Club on social media. Even discussing Club activities is strictly forbidden as the Club holds onto its age-old traditions. 

Memberships to join the LAGC start at $250,000 USD (~$372,000 AUD), but it’s been reported that fees have been known to fluctuate through the years, even rising to $300,000 (~$450,000 AUD). 

For decades, this fabled course has been just as reluctant to entertain the advances made by the United States Golf Association to host a major golf tournament, as they have been with the stars of the silver screen. This month, however, the Club finally opened its doors, welcoming the 123rd US Open to play across the recently renovated North Course, and with it, the world’s media. 

For the first time in its long history, the Los Angeles Golf Club hosted one of golf’s top-four majors and the first individual event since the LA Open in 1940, as fans all over the world were given a rare glimpse inside one of the golf world’s most exclusive venues, and just for a moment, experience the rub of the immaculately-manicured green.

Source: DMARGE