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“Sucks Big Time”: Amid Tiger Woods’ Messy $30 Million Saga, His Latest Health Update Ahead of the Masters “Worries”Fans

The biggest and most awaited golf tournament, Masters, is only a few days away. All eyes are on Tiger Woods and his fans want him to add his 16th major win at Augusta National this year. He was last seen in action at the Genesis Invitational, where he used tape to support his ankle. However, by the end of the tournament, his health issues worsened, and he wasn’t able to compete in any event until now. SiriusXM PGA Tour Radio recently dropped an update about his health, and it is not promising.

While Woods has already been going through major personal issues, this update won’t do him or his fans any good. The 47-year-old is in a race against time to make it to the Masters.

Woods’ fans were already disheartened by his personal life ordeals. Post the breakup, his ex-girlfriend, Erica Herman, filed a lawsuit for $30 million for breaking the ‘oral agreement’ and shunning her out of Jupiter located mansion. And while they were still getting over it, a new health update has upset fans even more. According to Taylor Zarzour of SiriusXM, Woods will play “if he’s healthy enough as if his back allows him to play. I think his back is bothering him with some of the rumors.” The hosts believe that Woods’ great form has increased the expectations of his fans.

“Unfair expectations of him just because of the way he spoiled us by doing things. He got us used to ridiculous expectations,” Zarzour mentioned. He further discussed Woods’ performance at Riviera. “Two and a half rounds, almost three rounds at Riviera was ridiculous. The last few holes on Saturday. And then, Sunday, he didn’t have anything left. But he made the cut Riviera in one of the best tournaments of the year.”

The hosts further talked about the former number one playing at Masters. They explained the expectations from the 47-year-old and said that the fans would go out there and watch him and see what he does and just wait. “It may be birdies number two, and then suddenly, okay, now he’s under par. And it just, you know, takes off from there.” However, this will happen only if we assume that Woods will play at Masters. We will have to wait and watch.

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