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PGA Tour Lands Into Massive Trouble After Being Accused of Using ‘Illegal Means’ to Tackle LIV TV Deals

The golf world was unhappy when the PGA Tour committed LIV defectors from the previous winners’ list. However, the scrutiny was not over yet, and the American Tour landed in legal trouble. The new claims by the LIV Golf League have questioned the sanctity of Jay Monahan’s Tour and their intentions. What is it about?

LIV Golf claims PGA Tour eliminated TV deals illegally

It was a laborious process for LIV to secure television partners in the United States and around the world. As evidenced by court documents filed by LIV Golf and the PGA Tour in their civil antitrust dispute. Thierry Pascal, a PGA Tour executive stationed in London. LIV Golf could not agree on the terms of his deposition, according to documents submitted to a federal court late on Wednesday night.

According to the LIV Golf lawyers, the PGA Tour has taken illegal actions. The lawyers wrote in the filing, “Based on [PGA] Tour documents and other sources, LIV believes Mr. Pascal used illegal means to dissuade numerous broadcasters in international markets.” They added, “from signing broadcast contracts with LIV and even from reporting about LIV events in their news content.” According to a source with knowledge of the agreement, they signed the contract with a prospective foreign broadcast partner last year.

Another statement by LIV claims that the broadcaster frequently reversed course and informed LIV that discussions (and in one instance, a signed contract) could not move forward after the live meeting or phone call. Mr. Pascal is a foundational witness whose testimony will significantly impact later discovery due to his actions and attempts to hide them.

What is next for Thierry Pascal?

Omitting the names of Bubba Watson and Dustin Johnson backfired for the PGA Tour. But the trouble didn’t end there. Although the PGA Tour has requested a remote deposition, Pascal, the managing director of PGA Tour International UK and senior VP of international media, was due to be deposed on Monday in London.

LIV Golf, which was available in the United States only via streaming during its first season last year, announced a multi-year broadcast agreement with The CW in January. Judge Beth Labson Freeman of the U.S. District Court mandated on Thursday that Pascal’s deposition take place “no later than April 14.”

Source: essentiallysports