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Hank Haney Throws Zach Johnson Under Bus Amid Brooks Koepka Ryder Cup Debate

Brooks Koepka’s third PGA Championship has ignited a fire regarding LIV Golfers and the Ryder Cup. Following Koepka’s fifth major victory, American Ryder Cup captain Zach Johnson said it was a bit premature to talk about including LIV Tour players on the team, per GolfChannel.com.

Long-time golf coach Hank Haney did not hold back on Twitter, calling out Johnson for his comments.

“What a ridiculous quote by Zach Johnson. Brooks Koepka won the PGA and came 2nd at the Masters. They think this stupid little game they are playing is good for the game of golf?” Haney tweeted.

Haney made his stance really clear. He feels like Koepka should be on the team and that if he isn’t, it would be a “travesty.” Koepka has gotten the points so far to qualify, so he wouldn’t be one of Johnson’s captain picks, so is that argument really even there?

Sure, when LIV Tour players left the PGA Tour, they knew the Ryder Cup could be something they couldn’t compete in.

Haney called Johnson out, and the question of whether it’s actually good for golf is something to ponder. Is keeping the likes of Koepka and possibly Dustin Johnson off this team a good thing? Scottie Scheffler, the No. 1 player in the world, flat-out said he wanted to win the Ryder Cup and that he didn’t care about tours. With the Ryder Cup in Italy, winning on the Europeans’ turf should be a top priority.

They haven’t won in Europe since 1993. One would think you would want the best players on your team for a chance to compete. Then again, LIV Tour players obviously come with a lot of baggage, which likely would be the only reason Koepke wouldn’t be added to the team.

The Americans gained some momentum with a huge win at Whistling Straits in 2021, 19-9, with captain Steve Stricker putting together one of the strongest teams in years. That victory gave the Americans their first win since 2016 and one of the most dominating wins in recent years.

Haney isn’t afraid to put his opinion out there, and this one directly calls out the Ryder Cup captain. Will Johnson respond or consider it? Only time will tell what the first-time captain will choose to do.

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