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‘Goat Recognises Goat’: Golf Fans Go Berserk as Brooks Koepka Poses With NFL Veteran at Michael Jordan’s Luxurious Layout

Brooks Koepka is currently one of the best-known golfers in the world, thanks to his recent PGA Championship victory, which crowned Koepka with his fifth major title. This has enabled the golfer to gather the attention of the media and fans for the past month. Consequently, the American golfer has again lured the golf community’s curiosity toward himself. Although the reason this time has nothing to do with Koepka’s golfing skills. Rather, it was a glamorous meet-up between the LIV golfer and a three-time Super Bowl champion.

As if this wasn’t enough to excite the fans, a third legendary entity was also responsible for the meeting. It was none other than Michael Jordan! The post was so alluring that numerous fans flocked to the comment section immediately.

An NFL veteran shares the stage with golf icon Brooks Koepka

Amidst the unpredictability that has appeared in the golf world, everyone is trying to hold on to shards of normalcy. The recent billion-dollar merger has caused mayhem in the game. This includes the players, management, fans, and everyone who is close to the sport. While numerous decisions and verdicts are being circulated around, a glimpse of golf stars stealing ordinary moments is definitely refreshing.

One such exhilarating moment was posted by none other than Emmitt SmithThe NFL veteran posted a vibrant picture of himself and golf icon Brooks Koepka. The two were supporting each other with big smiles and classical golf outfits with caps. Smith captioned the post, “5x Major winner and a fan.” This was with reference to the game of golf the two entities shared. He also thanked Michael Jordan for offering them his private club.

Big thanks to MJ for the hospitality,” Smith added. It also wasn’t clear who was whose fan, but either way, it would make sense. After all, the two professionals are the legends of their respective games.

In the second slide of the Instagram post, the four-time NFL Rushing Titleist was witnessed stepping out of his comfort sport and embracing the traditional club-and-ball sport.

He looked completely involved in his stroke. Brooks Koepka also responded back to the NFL veteran by quoting, “Florida men” and a handshake emoticon. The fans couldn’t help themselves from praising the players and adding a touch of their own to the comment section.

Fans express admiration for the two greatest sports icons

Koepka and Smith are unquestionably two big names in the sports arena. Both entities have earned fame for themselves through dedication, perseverance, and talent, which has been showcased on the field as well. Despite the different sports worlds Koepka and Smith belong to, their individualistic contributions can never be overlooked. Well! Fans definitely agree with the same, considering most of them praised the class the duo adds to their specific sports genre.

And three times SB champion. Top 3 of RB all times. Goat recognises goat.

“Two of my favorites!”

2 of the best!

As both professionals have their roots in the sunshine state of Florida, the fans couldn’t resist making the comparison. They said-

“Florida & Florida State!! 2 GOATS…… Go Gators 🐊”

“Love to see Noles and Gators gettin along.”

Meanwhile, others cheered for the course Emmitt Smith was taking the shot on, which belonged to NBA legend Michael Jordan. Fans commented-

Just like us, fans also believed the Instagram pictures were incredible and commented, “Nice photo…“, and “Great photos!” Overall, the energy from the private greens emits positivity and adds lively energy. What do you think of this special encounter between Brooks Koepka and the NFL legend? Let us know in the comments below!

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