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Former MMA Fighters Brawl With Dads at Oklahoma Golf Course During Argument

A day on the golf course turned ugly for former MMA fighters and civilians at Bailey Ranch Golf Course in Owasso, Oklahoma, on Monday.

KTUL News sports director TJ Eckert reported on the matter in which the MMA fighters, who weren’t named, were seen fighting other men in a wild scene near a house that bordered the golf course.

The video shows different brawls breaking out, and Eckert provided context from both sides of the story, starting with the MMA fighters. 

“Golfers (pink shirt, bald guy etc.) say kids were running around on course,” Eckert wrote on Twitter. “They told kids to get back on other side of fence so they didn’t get hit by ball. Lady from house yells at golfers, says dads will fight them. Golfers are former MMA fighters.” 

On the other side, the party from the house has a different view on the situation.

“Golfers told house/kids to watch out. House made joke back,” Eckert wrote. “Bald guy freaked out, yelled at/cussed out kids and wives. Men from house ran out to confront golfers/stand up for women and children. Fight ensues.”

Eckert wasn’t given a backstory on the matter.

During the video, someone can be heard yelling, “You want to go down, too? Stay down, you’re going to get f—ed up.”

There has been no word about a possible police investigation into the matter.

This incident comes just days after another melee was seen, this one in Lakeland, Florida, near a tee box, which was also caught on camera. 

Members of one group started barking at another due to pace of play. However, the foursome claimed that there was nothing they could do because of the group ahead of them (this is a common occurrence on a golf course). 

“There’s a group in front of us. We can’t go any faster,” one man was heard saying on the video.

A couple of shoves and a missed kick later, fists began to fly.

Golf, bad round or not, is supposed to be a fun, enjoyable activity for all those on the course. However, it’s clear that you really never know what you might see each time out there these days.

Source : Fox News