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Event Organizer Looking to Light Up Ambassador Golf

Golf under the lights is available and popular in various places around the world but not in this neck of the woods.

“We’ve never seen anything like this,” said Adam Wagner, Director of Golf Operations at Ambassador Golf
TJ Jovcevski, a coach at Sports Vision Windsor, is excited to bring night golf to Essex-County July 7th and 8th at Ambassador fulfilling a bucket-list item.

“I’ve wanted to travel to one of these destinations to play so when we had the opportunity to potentially bring it here we thought this is great,” Jovcevski said.

“With our friends from United Rentals, got some early planning and they’ve graciously donated all of these lights to us for the entire event.”

Over 40 lights will be available for Jovcevski to use at Ambassador. Each hole will have four lights. He did a test run in January. “Set four lights along the course in the middle of January, of all times to do this, tested out the theory, proved that it worked.”

Without much tree coverage Wagner feels the course is the best one for the event. “There’s really nothing to get in the way of blocking the light. I think it’s going to be pretty neat to see how much actual light there’s gonna be out there.”

For those who just want to drop in to see the atmosphere there will be other things to do. The driving range will be lit both days til midnight. “Additionally, if you’re not a golfer, you just wanna come out and experience it see what’s going on we have a patio party at the back patio at Ambassador,” said Jovcevski.

The event is called Swingin’ for Sports with proceeds donated to KidSport Windsor.

“Hopefully we get to our max capacity and get the most amount of money we can raise for these kids.” Jovcevski said.

The game will likely have a different feel but Wagner is looking forward to seeing what the course looks like when lit.

“To be able to see the ball flight at night, to be able to see it in the lights is something that obviously you’re not used to so it’s a little bit different to get used to but I think the players will really enjoy it.” 

Source: CTVNews