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Despite Calling Rory McIlroy’s Tactics ‘Childish’, LIV Golf CEO Greg Norman Made a Contrasting Comment About the World No. 1 in 2015

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The feud between LIV and PGA is not hidden from anyone. It was a major highlight of the whole 2022 season. However, it was not all hate but some love too. It might be a surprise, but the LIV CEO, Greg Norman has a soft spot for the PGA pro-Rory McIlroy. Yes, the same player paired up with Tiger Woods to devise a venture to protect the American tour. 

The golf world has been the victim of chaos since the Saudi-backed LIV golf entered the picture. More skilled players joined the circuit, leaving Jay Monahan’s tour behind. Even though the golfers suffered consequences and were banned from returning to the PGA tour, they chose to be part of the changed golf format.

And amidst all this, the disparity created in the golf world hurt fans. It divided the sport into two parts; still, people do not approve of LIV. However, the circuit had successful in 2022, and now they are ready for 2023. But the words from Norman for McIlroy will drop your jaw because you would not have seen that coming.

What did Norman say about Rory McIlroy?

Years ago, Norman appeared on the talk show of Graham Bensinger. There they talked about the sport and how Norman feels about other golfers. Bensinger asked him about McIlroy, and his answer was deep and meaningful. They published the original episode in 2015, where the current number one golfer received massive appreciation for his attitude from one of the most critical rivals now. The great white shark of golf said that he loves McIlroy’s attitude and how he owns everything.

He never tries to find a scapegoat but takes full responsibility for his actions, and when he realizes he was wrong, he apologizes too. Norman expressed his love and said, “I love that he says something and realize he made a mistake in saying it or the wrong inflection, and he’ll come out and apologize.” Appreciating him further, LIV CEO said, “he makes mistakes; he can call the top of 3-wood, he can take a seven, he can. But you know, at the end of the day, he walks off of that beautiful Irish smile and does the interview and doesn’t blame anybody except he may just had a bad day, you know, and I love that attitude he has.”
The former pro golfer said he has all the qualities of a good human being. Instead of having a lousy ego all the time and not answering the question, McIlroy chooses the right way. He expresses what he believes. And that was visible in his game also, according to Norman. “I love that way, you know, instead of having it got up all the time and just not answering the question the right way and just say the way it is.”

Are McIlroy and Norman on good terms now?

No, they are not on good terms. Since LIV removed many skillful players from the PGA tour, the feud between the two has strengthened. Earlier this month, the CJ Cup winner’s statement shook the golf world when he said that Norman needed to leave. During the DP world tour, he took the mic and said, “I think Greg needs to go. I think he just needs to exit stage left.” He was referring to Norman’s role as the LIV CEO.

Unfortunately, Norman later claimed that McIlroy had been “brainwashed by the PGA Tour,” which upset the four-time major champion. “For f*** sake, I say. He says that about me after our really beautiful back-and-forth,” McIlroy added.

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