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5 Golf Instruction Tips That Will Help You Fix Your Slice for Good

The dreaded slice. It’s such a common problem in golf that it has become iconic in the greater culture. Among Caddyshack‘s many quotable lines, one of the most famous is Judge Smails’ quip, “Gambling is illegal at Bushwood, sir, and I never slice.”

Whatever you say, Judge.

For the rest of the millions of golfers afflicted by this pernicious push of the ball, it’s best to recognize you have a problem and then get to work addressing it.

Fortunately, the ubiquitousness of the slice means that every great golf instructor has devoted considerable time to banishing this ugly issue from golfers’ games. They know the techniques and drills that work, and they know how to communicate them effectively. The GolfPass video archive is full of great slice-fixing tips, and we recently debuted an entire series from Nathalie Sheehan called Breaking Your Slice. It’s a deep-dive into this very problem, which I highly recommend.

Here are 5 great tips from Nathalie and other GolfPass instructors on how to stop slicing the ball. Chances are at least one of them will resonate with you.

Nathalie Sheehan on how to slice-proof your setup and grip


Grip and Setup

Many slicers of the golf ball are doomed before they even take the club back. This is because there are critical flaws in the way they set up to the golf ball, including how they put their hands on the club. In the opening segment of her new series Breaking Your Slice, Nathalie Sheehan straightens you out once and for all.

Devan Bonebrake on backswing faults

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Stop The Slice – Backswing Faults

The way you take the club back could be setting you up for a slice, too. In this recent episode of his popular GolfPass show The Golf Fix, Devan Bonebrake gives you the tools to get the club in perfect position at the top of your backswing.

Private Lessons: Fixing The Miz’s Slice

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Fix a Slice with The Miz

Yes, even wrestling stars have issues with weak contact sometimes. In this Private Lesson, Devan Bonebrake shows The Miz why he’s slicing the ball.

Martin Hall and Morgan Pressel on slice-proofing your swing

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Tip 36 – Martin Hall and Morgan Pressel – Learn To Draw The Ball

Morgan Pressel’s career reaches well back to the early 2000s. She joined Martin Hall on a 2001 episode of Academy Live to show golfers how to stop slicing the ball and even start hitting draws.

David Toms on wiping away a slice with a towel

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Tip 47 ‑ David Toms ‑ Practice With A Towel

2001 PGA Champion David Toms chats with Martin Hall about how a towel can be an invaluable golf training aid. It’s particularly useful for helping you fix your slice via a simple drill.

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